Stephanie Anderson

Ovelia. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

On a corner of 30th avenue in Astoria you will find Ovelia. Plenty of outdoor sidewalk seating but it's so pretty inside you may want to just stay in. 

After waiting a full 15 minutes (yes we watched our clocks) we did finally get to see a waiter to take a drink order from a beautiful selection of craft cocktails. It's Thursday night and this place is BUSY.  Shorthanded may be more appropriate but all night the service just left a bad taste in our mouth.

Sadly,  fried feta was sold out. Really no surprise as nothing sounds quite as good on the appetizer menu but we replaced that with fried something else: calamari.  Nice light crispness and thick 1" cuts of the tubes. Zucchini fritters while tasty, look very amateur. Zero for presentation but a 9 for flavor. A little more polish on this and they could be a real signature dish.

Broiled salmon filet was perfectly cooked and excellent flavor. A nice yogurt pesto set it off along with a skewer of seared cherry tomatoes.  Shrimp with a romesco turned out to be just as tasty served atop a yogurt hummus. 

I was hopeful about the handcut oregano fries. They were heartbreakingly disappointing to the point they had to be returned.  Flaccid and forgettable. We were given extra cocktails to makeup for the slight of food. Appreciated but damn I wanted those fries to be good! 

The crepe with banana and nutella is as good as can be expected. Which of course is VERY good. After all, this IS nutella. 

I can't recommend Ovelia because of all the misteps in food and service but can recommend it for atmosphere. Use this information wisely.

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