Stephanie Anderson

The Smoke Ring. A review

Stephanie Anderson

I have been eager to try the smoke ring for months now, being a longtime fan of Executive chef, Jordan Wakefield formerly at Meehan's downtown. A southern guy through and through surely he can make some barbecue to stand up against any here in town.

Modern warehouse with rustic barbecue flair decor. Really comfortable, spacious and fresh as far as 'cue places go. Nice start so far.

Pork belly sliders instantly caught my eye and got ordered along with fried green tomatoes. Those sliders are just heaven on a soft bun. Delicious side of crispy fries go nicely with the fatty tender pork with guiness mustard and bacon bourbon marmalade.  I felt a foodie coma coming on already. The tomatoes have some magic in that they have a perfectly thick crust that holds it shape and crispness. Dotted with goat cheese cream and chow chow it is everything you want in a fried green tomato.

pork belly sliders and fried green tomatoes

The smoked chicken wings are impressively tender. Every other time I've had them in my life the smoke flavor is there but they are bone dry. On the side is white bbq sauce. Usually some loose concoction of mayo and vinegar. It's nice with these wings. There is a bottle on your table in case you run low.

The tempura fried smoked ribs we couldn't quite figure out but they are impossibly tender and after just a few bites I appreciated the light crunch against the silky smoked meat.  Wakefield can be playfully creative with his menu and this shows that.

Smoked trout dip is comfort food to me! delicate in flavor but very very rich and creamy. Served up with toasty pita wedges I love it with a glass of wine. Plenty big portion to share for a table of 4.

smoked trout dip

The sliced brisket is thick cut and very tender. The cumin and smoke are in-your-face bold. Delicious. Triple cream corn screams fresh corn cut, even scraped off of a cob and creamed in its own corn milk along with dare I say some dairy too. Just natural sweet corn flavor is all you taste and all it needs to taste like. You can't beat fresh corn goodness.

Another win for Wakefield.  

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