Add in interval running with intermittent fasting and you have a recipe to keep kicking high blood pressure's azz.

In intermittent fasting news, yes it's still the most effective part of my lifestyle to keep my blood pressure under control.  I've found a way to make those 500 calorie days a bit more of a breeze.  While I don't mind laying low twice a week it's not always practical when you are at the helm of multiple businesses.  What is this sorcery that staves off hunger for these 36 hours of self imposed calorie restriction? GG crispbread.  At no point will I claim them delicious but I am an adult and am not a slave to my palate like I am to my health. If I can tolerate vile tomatoes and red peppers I sure can deal with all bran crispbreads. especially when I can load them up with things like:

  • Whipped cream cheese and lox
  • nut butters
  • ricotta and parmesan
  • mayo and ham or turkey
  • nutella and bananas

Eat 4 of these with whatever on top gets it down the hatch with a whole lot of no calore liquids and there will be no growls coming from your belly.

I've gotten to enjoy them enough to eat them on non fasting days as well. Being regular is a wonderful thing.

I've been an interval running fool for quite a while now.  In addition to it keeping the blood pressure down it's also got me feeling fantastic day in day out AND no question the best outcome: ZERO BACK PROBLEMS since I began.  I've been plagued with a crooked spine that gets so out of whack at times I am immobile for up to two weeks unable to sleep, walk or work.  For me this has been priceless and gets me motivated most everyday to get moving at a higher level of intensity.