Stephanie Anderson

The Capital Grille. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

Still coming off a bad steakhouse experience from  Bones I was cautiously hopeful heading into Capital Grille (Buckhead location).  Inside, up 8 floors, is the classic dark handsome decor of a steakhouse. My caution turning into excitement.  I sidled up to the bar and had my custom cocktail made (not one of their delicious selections though).  Now I am ready.  Bring on the food!

Once seated my team of servers introduced themselves. I haven't ever worked front of house, only in back, so this concept of multiple servers perplexed me a bit and the service, while well intended, came off like there was a communication problem among the team.  

Just a very few wines are served by the glass. I counted 4 reds to pick from to accompany my steak.  I suppose it's not an issue when the wines are well selected by the sommolier.  Much more extensive is the bottle list. You may in fact need the sommolier to guide you through those waters of wine.

Lobster bisque is on the menu tonight! My beloved soup, half the time I order it out it is sorely disappointing but this one is not! It is impossibly thick and creamy, no actual lobster meat but the stock is very well flavored, served with sherry if you please.  I would have licked the bowl had my parents not taught my how to eat in a fine dining restaurant by age 7. Still, I was tempted. 

Ceasar salad is a bit forgettable but aren't most of them? Everything else I ate was memorable.  Sides are served family style but the portions aren't really family style. Barely enough for two yet likely too much for one depending on how much volume your tummy is used to eating in one sitting. Very tasty and satisfying mashed potatoes, hericot vert perfectly tender crisp with tomatoes.  My steak was cooked absolutely perfect with even heat applied surrounding my pink center. Nicely seasoned. I added fried lobster tail which I can't recommend enough. I ate that up and took most of my steak home as I had dessert on the brain and steak reheats the best the next day.

Flourless chocolate cake, this version is without question the best tasting chocolate I've had in years. Maybe the best dessert. I tasted a bit of coffee to enhance the flavor of the chocolate, excellent choice by the pastry chef.  What a spectacular way to end an already delcious meal. 

Capital Grill now rivals my other favorite steak joint, Hal's. 


One happy eater.

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