Alas I am eating my way around NYC while here on some business (and some pleasure). Bourdain's Brasserie sounds good. French is always a good idea.

Inside feels decidedly French but not stuffy. The place is packed as expected on a Friday  night. We were quickly seated and the attentive service began, and continued all night.

Country pate I could not resist ordering. It is porky and pork livery, reminiscent of braunschweiger but with much more texture.  I asked for dijon to accompany the cornichons. Beware to go easy with the mustard as it is very HOT but sets off the pate very nicely. Popular truffle deviled eggs made an appearance at our table.  Rustic, elegant and all together addictive.  I see plates of these being dropped on almost every table in eyeshot.  I suspect people fall asleep hoping to dream of them. This is not the last truffle application of the night.

Duck is all over the menu and all over our table as a result. Confit leg with roast potatoes. Flavorful and delicious. Breast rendered and sliced over pomegranate sauce is divine. Properly cooked potato gratin is heavenly and it's on this duck plate too. I could not resist hanger steak with shallot sauce and truffle fries. These fries are nothing short of magical. Perfectly cooked flavorful steak with a mindblowing shallot sauce with red wine is everything I expect from French food. This is turning out to be one fantastic meal.

The cocktails are coming out pretty damn perfectly. You know what you like and I know what I like so I won't tell you what to drink but I will tell you can't go wrong with whatever you order. 

To me the holy grail of French desserts is mousse au chocolat and this one does not disappoint. Rich dark cocoa laced airy creamy goodness with whipped cream garnish. 

One satisfying meal. One satisfying experience. Pretty affordable by semi fine dining NY standards. Thank you Les Halles.

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