Stephanie Anderson

Campagnolo. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

Right next to Ten is Campagnollo. In fact they share a valet.  Nice outdoor eating area and modern clean tables inside. 

I went right for the cocktail menu and selected the La Palmona. A very refreshing tequila citrus drink like a margarita but isn't. I couldn't help myself I had two. I suggest you do the same.

It's a rare thing to find arancini on a menu, being the fan that I am of rice over pasta I instantly ordered them. These are such a pain in the neck to make I'd rather have them out than make them at home. These balls of creamy friend risotto make me happy. This version is drizzled with balsamic and all around satisfying.

Most, not all, of the pasta is made in house. one of which is featured in the lasagne.  Once I saw bechamel in the description I was sold.  It's one of their signature dishes and I see why. It is made to order. The noodle sheets are layered with bolognese, topped with bechamel then the mozzarella and broiled til bubbly and brown.  It is fantastic. The bolognese has good depth and the balance of sauce and cheese to pasta is lovely. The pork shank over polenta left something to be desired. No depth of flavor and underseasoned. The meat was tender enough and polenta creamy smooth but flavor was missing for sure. 

At some point I am going to give up hope of having a spectacular ceasar salad out in a restaurant because again I was left disappointed with this plate of greens.  This one has actual anchovies laced on the top but that didn't save it. 

Dessert was pretty damn good all around. Cheesecake with a peach sauce, light yet substantial.  Good flavor and texture. Gluten free chocolate torte tastes more like a fluffy flourless chocolate cake sprinkled generously with salted chopped pistachios. Delicious flavor and heavenly texture. I licked the plate clean and I was full before it even landed on my table. I didn't dare waste a bit of that. 

Wonderful attentive service and capable staff overall.  I feel like based on this experience the menu is a bit hit or miss but if you hit the right items you will have a great taste experience at Campagnolo.  


Lasagne bolognese
Braised pork shank with polenta
Chocolate torte

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