Stephanie Anderson

Goldberg's Deli. A New food review.

Stephanie Anderson

I am a longtime fan of this family of deli's.  In fact I was in NYC recently and didn't find bagels there to be any more superior than what is in offered in Goldberg's.  You have to figure any place making 56,000 bagels per week knows what they are doing.

mini bagels make me smile!

Goldberg's is looking to feed us at dinnertime now and has some enticing options to get us to choose them over other eateries you may be opting for when the sun goes down.

Mushroom barley soup will be sounding very good when October rolls around. Beefy broth full of hearty barley and earthy mushrooms along with some house baked bread offered by Goldberg's seems like a no brainer comfort food.


Their standard comfort food, matzo ball soup, is pretty spectacular. The stock is rich and not salty with great chicken flavor and the matzo ball itself is lighter than any other I've had.  Both soups are available frozen to keep in your freezer for the flu that sneaks up on you or a quick lunch/dinner at home.

For summer only they are offering traditional gazpacho and it is darn good. Me the tomato hater gobbled up every bit. The cucumber makes is crazy refreshing and sour cream brings it all together. I licked the bowl clean!

The chicken salad here is divine. It's not overly fussy or full of nuts and grapes (Not that there is anything wrong with that) but a salad that pairs so nicely with the breads available.  Bagel chips if you want texture, rye slices if you want classic and bagel if you want a full on deli experience. 

See how juicy?

See how juicy?

In my opinion outside of the matzo ball soup, Goldberg's has two other real show stoppers:  The lox and bagel combo that is as good as anywhere you will find and of all their reubens offered (Brooklyn, California and Georgia style) the corned beef (Brooklyn) is phenomenal. I am not a reuben lover by birth but this sandwich has made me one.

If lox is still a bit too fishy for you they offer smoked whitefish and a sinfully rich smoked sablefish. 

In the past I have 70% of the time opted for their brisket sandwiches and will continue to do so.  It's the only consistently prepared juicy brisket I've had, including all the barbecue joints in the Atlanta area.  It is cooked and cooled correctly every single time so I never get one disappointing bite.

Potato latkes are on the menu. This version has more egg and flour in it than I typically see giving it more of a knish feel. More yum comfort food.

Hot sandwiches are available too. How about fried chicken and waffle sandwich? Skip the honey mustard and get maple on the side.  Salmon filet sandwich with a cucumber dill sauce and spinach will keep your waistline in check and the belt buster Geogia burger will kill the most hungriest of appetites. 

To add to the take home dinner options Goldberg's offers frozen casseroles to take and bake.Me, I like to keep one in the freezer for unexpected company. I can Macguyver up something usually but sometimes I like more options, especially when I'd rather be with my drop in guests and not in the kitchen.

Chose from:

  1. shrimp and grits
  2. chicken pot pie
  3. chicken tetrazzini
  4. lasagne

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