La Tagliatella. A Review.

This is my first time being in the very charming Emory Point complex.  Points alone are given for atmosphere and location of this La Tagliatella.

Tonight I only had vegetarian options and I can confidently say any vegetarian would feel satisfied with this menu instead of the sometimes default option at restraurants where vegetarian feels like a collection of side dishes or worse, an afterthought.

Longtime readers know of my tomato hate.  That said I was beyond delighted with the version of caprese salad served!  Never ever would I order this dish but this twist was incredibly delicious and unique to me. The raw tomatoes are peeled and ground then mixed with a touch of olive tapenade. The bed of this tomato mixture has fresh mozzarella laid over it with anchovy fillets in between.  The saltiness of the anchovy is heaven with the mild cheese and acid tomatoes. I could not get enough of this!!!!

The bread basket is filled with petite pizza dough rolls and boy are they tasty!!! I love that they are small not sending me into panics over the commitment a large roll requires.

tomato basil filled pasta-delicious!!

tomato basil filled pasta-delicious!!

The signature dish is a paper thin pizza, and I mean paper thin. It's topped with paper thin eggplant slices, mozz and a bit of tomato sauce then drizzled with honey and balsamic. It's unique and addictive. I really didn't want to share any of it but alas, one must be polite or be banned from socializing forever.

Hey, there is eggplant on this pizza and I like it!

The tomato basil filled tortelloni is really delicious. The tomatoes are so sweet they taste candied and paried up with a quatro fromaggi cheese sauce it's a winning combo. 

The pear and gorgonzola  is a tasty filled pasta too but it must be paried with the right sauce or it can be a trainwreck. Avoid pairing it with pesto. Two great tastes that don't taste great together.

Butternut squash pasta is heavenly on a fall or winter day. Bonus, the darling heart shape pasta it is encased in.  The filling itself is silky smooth and spiced perfectly to ehance that butternut flavor.

Do not miss the Bocconcinno dessert.  This is 3 in one. A thin layer of sponge topped with a layer of cheesecake and then a layer of silky smooth custard that tastes like flan. I haven't had anything like it and want it everyday of my life from now on!

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spectacular tasting caprese salad with anchovy

spectacular tasting caprese salad with anchovy