This location seems to be the black hole of death for restaurants past.   Egg Harbor Cafe currently holds the lease in this space on Roswell Road. After eating here I say confidently and very hopefully that it will be a long time occupant.

The cafe is quite large and for a breakfast and lunch only spot I was a little surprised but even on a weekday close to lunchtime the joint is PACKED.  Lots of shiny happy staff, which of course is what you want at breakfast. Who needs a grump to start your day? You may already be waking up with one as it is. Whether it is yourself or your bed partner.

I ordered up Fried Green Tomato eggs benedict. This is one of many benedict options.  Nicely poached egg with no milky slimy whites. crispy chopped bacon was scattered around.  This is a dish that is a play of textures and it's a real hit assembling it this way.  The side of cheese grits are without question, the best cheese grits I have ever had. They are served in individual crocks, seasoned and topped with additional cheese that gets a little brown on top. 

Harbor potatoes are a dream come true for a pepper hater like myself. Just clean crisp potato pieces topped with fresh scallion.  I am so happy right now.  But wait, there is more joy!  The crispy waffle I cannot resist so that gets delivered to my table too. Mind, you I know I won't finish all this food but I find myself always so overwhelmed to the point of indecision at breakfast so I order everything. 

Intelligestia drip coffee is a bottomless cup and it's yummy.  I can't wait for my next breakfast at Egg Harbor cafe. There are some savory crepes with my name all over them!

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