Meehan's Mad Men themed dinner. A review.

If you haven't been attending these special limited seating dinners you are missing out. This night Chef Val Domingo flexed his creative muscles and modernized 1960's foods. He cited first thing he couldn't go down the jello mold route, for which we were all thankful. 

The beloved wedge salad that was a mainstay on trendy menus in the 60's, and still is good today, got a modern twist by grilling the romaine enough to give it a smokey finish, mini heirlooms and crumbled crisp bacon garnished it along with a blue cheese vinagrette.

 Remember oysters Rockafeller? Val does and he put a southern twist on it with some deliciously tender braised collard greens.  Meaty briney oyster with collards and hollandaise browned til bubbly makes my tummy happy.

Surf and turf was right on trend in those Mad Men years. This play on it was positively delicious!  Pork tenderloin stuffed roulade style with a crab cake type filling served alongside some lobster mashed potatoes.  I had come into the meal famished but this quelled the stomach growling. A broiled tomato half on the dish reminded me of my childhood. Mom used to make them all the time.

Pound cake was the rage and Val modernized it by grilling it and serving it with strawberry sauce. He loves to make speciality ice creams and prepared a basil one to give this one a real summertime flair.

Word on the street is the next dinner will be themed around The Walking Dead.  Watch out for zombies stealing your food.