Zeal has been open in East Cobb coming up on one year now. Recently a new chef has started so if you didn't have a great food experience in the past give it another try.  Especially if you need gluten free options. This menu is chock full of them! Delicious ones at that.

Zeal has some nice outdoor seating if you don't mind looking at a parking lot but it is at the end of the strip so there is minimal traffic.  Inside it's modern and fresh while still being cozy. Also if you need a late night spot this is an alternative to pubs just down the road.


Zeal is a nice change from all the chain restaurants in the area.  You will find a mix of family friendly items for less adventuresome eaters and some more refined items so everyone at the table is happy.   Zeal knows their market. The menu changes with the seasons so you're sure to have a new selection of  yummy things to pick from if you stop in every so often.  It's a weeknight and it's a pretty full house. A good sign.



Fried green tomatoes served over arugula and topped with some fig studded goat cheese is a classic. 4 big fat crispy fried tomato slices generously slathered with the goat cheese mixture. I could have eaten 12 of these! Complexity and comfort all in one southern favorite.

Duck poutine for all of us duck lovers. Tender braised duck  and gravy share french fries along with classic cheese curds. Grab a beer and a napkin and get ready to make a delicious mess with this one. It is ducky so you won't be able to pass it off as "chicken" to the little ones. Besides, chicken poutine sounds a little um, lame.

Chicken lollipops are an easy table favorite. Small drumettes frenched to give an easy- to- eat crispy bite of chicken. It's served with a tasty but pedestrian mango chili sauce.  Nothing spectacular but I would eat it every time I dine there.

I ordered up the Kansas city strip. It's a bone in moderately thick cut of beef. What is so delicious about this steak is the charcoal grill flavor!  The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked on top of having great flavor.  The cut of beef may vary but day but you're sure to get a tasty plate!  Roasted fingerlings split and cooked til velveety inside and crisp outside are a perfect compliment.

Don't let the name fool you, "airline chicken" isn't what you may think. Back when airline food was good it was served with part of the wing on it. So is this one. It is still just as awkward to eat. But if you love chicken this is your entree option.

If you aren't up for a full on big entree there are small plates which border between appetizer and main size.  If you get an appetizer and salad  , a small plate will finish off your savory courses nicely. You can't go wrong with this lamb dish with a honey beet puree.

You can't really go wrong with any of the dessert selections. One caveat and it could have just been an off batch, is the pie jar flight. Three flavors come in the flight and one had ZERO taste.  The cake and cheesecake I tried were borderline fantastic.  I can't say if there is a proper pastry chef in the kitchen but I wouldn't be surprised if there is.

Zeal isn't exactly destination dining but for those that live in or are passing through east cobb with an empty stomach Zeal will fill the bill-or the belly as the case may be.

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