Grouchy's Deli. A review.

Clean and modern inside but not kosher. I figured that out with one bite of really fantastic potato salad. It's got bacon.  May I say it is absolutely delicious and that is a big reason why.  Lobster bisque is on the menu and making me glad I am not kosher more and more each minute as I read the menu. Fear not gluten free, kosher and vegetarians. There is plenty here for you to eat.

You will see the usual suspects for you deli menu traditionalists and then a few items for your perhaps, more adventurous companion/group.  BBQ chopped salad (chicken in this one), crispy chicken salad and buffalo chicken panini.  In fact the menu was so overwhelmingly tempting I had to hang back a bit to narrow it down to 3 contenders and crown one of them my winner of the day. Today's winner is the Californian sandwich.  Deli Oven-roasted turkey, avocado, provolone cheese, lettuce, cucumbers and ranch dressing.  Rye, duh. 

I can't say that they are making their own bagels. I am gonna go out on a limb and make this assumption when a bagel delivery driver wheels boxes of bagels past me while I am enjoying my potato salad outside. You will have to hit Goldberg's if you want house made bagels and bread but my rye was just fine, house made or not.

The newfangled coke machine where you can make 1000 combinations of drinks is in Grouchy's. If you're into that sort of thing.

See you next time, Grouchy's. I will have potato salad with it.


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