Stephanie Anderson

Leon's Full Service. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

It’s rare I venture down to delicious Decatur but it is high time I visited Leon’s.  This former service station has a clean modern yet casual feel. The outdoor seating is as well laid out and attractive as it is indoors. Lots of windows inside so you get almost an outdoor feeling in there (dependent upon where you’re seated of course). 

The menu is short, sweet, and seasonal.  The purveyors the food is coming from is listed on a chalkboard on the wall in the main dining room.  I love a restaurant that proudly displays their sources. Just a handful of menu options each salads, small plates, entrees, cheeses and sandwiches.   Even though the menu is limited the bar selection is not. This is a gastropub after all! The food clearly pairs well with cocktails, beer and wines.

I got an order of the pork belly with kimchi grits. Hello my name is SPICY!!  Super creamy and spicy grits topped with three slices of perfectly tender pork belly and fresh bright crunch kimchi slaw. Really creative and interesting dish.  I couldn’t resist pub fries with smoked tomato mayo. They did not disappoint. Crispy double cooked skin on fries with your choice of condiment.

A luscious side of brussel spouts hash is not to be missed. Chock full of bacon, apples and onions it really is a star on the menu even though it's a side.  

Leon's has  many vegetarian options that won't leave a vegetarian feeling like an afterthought but still options for the carnivore to feel satisfied. 

Great attentive service too.

I'd be a regular if I lived in Decatur.

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