Soho. A review.

You will find Soho American style bistro  in Vinings Jubilee. Stylish and modern yet cozy inside.  The kind of interior that makes you want to relax and stay awhile.

Hawaiian Poke tuna reads more as a tartare to me but it also reads delicious no matter what name it goes by. Fresh dice of tuna accessorized with sweet white onions, sesame and a kiss of spice. Raw is always a great way to start a meal in my opinion and this is certainly flavorful but delicate enough that it won't blow out your palatte for the rest of the meal.

Hawaiian tuna poke

A not to be missed dish on the menu is a customer favorite (including me) is the ginger soy glazed fried calamari. The calamari for people that don't even enjoy calamari.  It will put you under its spell at first taste.  It's a tough act to follow as far as starters go. Chose your following dishes carefully or just throw caution to the wind and have two plates of it and dessert! It's crispy, flavorful and all around a show stopper. 

Ginger soy calamari

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio is another raw starter option.  Standardly adorned with capers, fried, shaved asiago and crispy shallots to add some texture.  There is a creamy dijon sauce but it's not entirely necessary with such buttery tender beef.

Wagyu beef carpaccio

Sauteed Cobia was a bit overcooked but the star on the dish is not the fish but rather the risotto it rests upon. To me the absolute best preparation of risotto is with corn and lump crab. This one does not disappoint. The crab is generously studding  the perfectly cooked rice and the corn adds nice sweetness and texture.  Nice buerre blanc type reduction to finish the dish. 

Sauteed cobia with corn crab risotto


Sea bass I found overcooked also but wow!!---the forbidden rice not only is striking visually but it tastes fantastic and soaks up the lemongrass buerre blanc!


For the vegetarians the grilled eggplant lasagne is  a nice option. There are pasta sheets here but also eggplant for a meaty texture. Nicely seasoned and served in a bowl with toasty cheese bread. 

eggplant lasagne

The not-to-be-missed entree without question is the elk tenderloin. Get over the fact that it is elk and order it. The tenderloin is mild, cooked to perfection and incredibly satisfying as you expect red meat to be.  Another fantastic side dish here, I am seeing a pattern of the sides getting as much attention as the main star of the plate. This side is perfectly cooked sweet potato gratin.  The whole dish is finished with a flavorful raspberry mustard sauce. I find this dish absolutely craveable!

Elk and sweet potato gratin

For dessert when you first actually see  the chocolate bread pudding it looks like a brownie topped with ice cream. The ice cream in this instance is vanilla and the whole dish is finished with caramel. I found the pudding lacking in flavor and perhaps was expecting it to be denser because of the brownie-like appearance.  I can't recommend it.

Chocolate bread pudding

The apple cobbler is an all around winning dessert!  It's served in an individual ramekin with a flakey crust top and incredibly delicious and complimenting cinnamon ice cream. I could have this as a last supper dessert and not even miss my chocoholic ways. 

Banana foster waffle sounds like a nice idea but it misses the mark a bit. Bruleed banana pieces are on a plate with an uncrisp waffle and banana ice cream that isn't particularly flavorful.  I would pass on this and get the apple cobbler instead. 

Really great attentive service and beautiful atmosphere will keep me coming back along with a select few dishes I have been day dreaming about since I ate them!

*Beginning Sunday, April 26, and throughout the spring and summer, each Sunday from 5:30 to 9:30 pm SOHO hosts an All-American Lobster Boil. For $29, each guest receives Maine lobster (1.5 lbs.), Andouille sausage, corn on the cob, red bliss potatoes and a Cobb salad. Reservations are recommended. Lobsters are limited, so those reservations placed by Friday by 5:00 pm forSunday dinner will be assured their lobster.

*Every Wednesday is “Flight Night” at SOHO, when locals and inquisitive wine lovers gather to experience fine wines from famous appellations around the world.  Each week, three wines are showcased and paired with tapas crafted by Executive Chef Scott Warren.  The knowledgeable staff guides guests through a tasting of the wines in three-ounce portions together with paired tapas.

Those who cannot make it to Wednesday flight night still have a chance to experience the tastes of the week. While wine flights premier on Wednesdays, they are available through the following Tuesday, which means guests have all week to catch up on the featured wines and tapas. 

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