You can generally expect tasty authentic ethnic cuisines on Atlanta's gem of a road called Buford Highway. This is where Chateau Saigon is  appropriately located.  

I find many of the Asian influenced cuisines to be good for a roller coaster flavor of a time and Chateau Saigon is a leader of the pack in this category.  Every dish, and I tasted many, were uniquely satisfying and overall well balanced in flavor. Exactly why I love Asian food. 

Who doesn't love a chicken wing? if that's you give me yours especially if they are Chateau Saigon wings. Big meaty wings deep fried crisp and glazed over with a savory sour sweet sauce. Finger licking good indeed! 

vietnamese chicken wings


The rice paper summer roll is filled with seasoned pork but a surprise delight is a rod of crisped rice paper inside to give it an addictive crunch. Herbacious and fresh yet crunchy. Yes can I have some more?

The fried roll option is filled with chicken and vegetables and is equally tasty in its own right. 

Perhaps the most flavorful and well cooked green beans I have eaten are here at Chateau Saigon. They are salted and stir fried with garlic and shallots giving them an incredible umami flavor. I suspect even die hard vegetable haters can be converted with this plate of beans. 

I am as shocked to report this as you may be to read it but the most impressive dish to me is the lemongrass fried tofu!  Cubes of tofu are coated in seasoned potato flour and fried until intoxicatingly crispy. I am absolutely addicted to these cubes of heaven.  They are served with a creamy dip but really don't need it. I brought leftovers home and recrisped them in my airfryer. 

Bo La Lot (this is a seasoned ground beef wrapped in betel leaves and grilled)  are little flavorful beef fingers of delight. Great grilled flavor and the betel leaves (an edible vine native to Southeast Asia) give it a herbacious peppery back note in the finish.

Ba La Lot

Rare beef salad is a chilled light dish. The beef is almost described as shaved because of the thinness and dressed in a sweet sour vinegar sauce. It's served with light as air puffed rice crackers. 

Rare beef salad

Seafood lovers do not miss shrimp and scallops with chinese broccoli.  This is classic asian food to me. Rich flavorful brown sauce covering fried juicy scallops and shrimp  with some vibrant green crisp tender chinese broccoli. I could easily over dose on this dish. 


Shrimp and scallops with chinese broccoli

The clay pot chicken with eggplant is another well balanced flavorful brown sauced dish,  a bit spicy and garlicky. Hearty and satisfying.

Clay pot chicken and eggplant

Shaken beef/ Bo Luc Lac Another satisfying entree of beef tenderloin, onions, scallions and fresh garnish of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. 

The array of delicious options on Chateau Saigon's menu are dizzying so just take a seat and enjoy.

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