Stephanie Anderson

Star Cafe. A review

Stephanie Anderson

A hole in the wall Southern meat and three. What other kind is there?  Lightening fast service of a list of meat and veg that changes up from day to day. They don't even bother with an online menu. Call and get them to fax you one or just stop in. It won't take long.  The group I was with is a fan of the meatloaf and gets it on the regular but I am not in a meat mood today so I went vegetarian. I will say while the fried food can be oily, nothing was over salted. 

Fried green tomatoes are coated in a mix of flour and cornmeal and the batter coat actually stays on!  The tomatoes still have some personality (ie not overcooked) .

Cornbread that is actually cornbread and not corn cake!  Nice mealy yet tender crumb. A hint of sweet but again, not corn-cakey. Just very corny and I mean that in the best possible way.

The biscuits left something to be desired. I cannot confirm but in my taste opinion the biscuits came from a factory and not from scratch.  The look much better than they taste. Maybe it was an off day. Maybe not.  Shouldn't a southern joint have the top notch biscuits? 

Fried zucchini is fresh and still a bit crisp. It has the same great batter the green tomatoes do. I suppose because of a somewhat similar appearance, some fried dill pickles made it into my basket. They don't hold the batter as well. Not my thing to eat those so I only enjoyed one. I prefer the fresh not salty briney zucchini. 

Potato salad is a hit with me at Star Cafe!  It's super creamy, sweet with relish, yellow with egg and nicely seasoned. Just like grandma's depending on who your grandma is. 

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