Getting a healthy crunch fix

As I continue my quest to lose those last 5(maybe 7) pounds of fat I have to couple my high level of activity with good food choices.  This can be tricky when I have to eat out for business purposes but it can be done. There is always a way, right? Of course there is. After all  a balanced life is what I preach and practice.

I lost my sweet tooth for the most part a few years ago (the less you eat the less of it you want and that includes giving up  fruit as much as possible).  What I do have is a need for crunch. It's not a desire, it is a NEED. 

I will post my skinny buffalo chicken and cauliflower next time I make it but today it's about popcorn. Don't buy into the marketing tactic of naming. Skinny Pop isn't skinny. It's got far too much fat.  Make your own.  Do not buy prebagged chemical laden microwave popcorn! Buy a good quality corn popping kernel and make it at home. Bob's Red Mill and Orville Reddenbacher will do just fine.

Now, all those brown paper lunch sacks sitting in the back of your cupboard will get put to good use. Dust them off, open one up and arm your microwave for work (I use mine so rarely that it's not even kept in my kitchen).  How will we flavor this to keep it skinny?

In a small bowl put in 2 tsp of coconut oil and 1 tsp of your favorite hot sauce. I am a Frank's kind of girl but you do what you like. Measure in two tablespoons of kernels and mix them in the oil spice mixture then dump it all into the paper bag. Fold over 3x  and with seam side down pop for 2-3.5 minutes. Bonus if you do squats while it's popping!  Stay closeby to listen.  The bag will absorb most of that oil so it will be virtually fat free. 

When the popping is done open the bag and shake in some more hot sauce and shake to coat. Repeat until it's as spicy as you'd like and enjoy!