30 Day Shred challenge

Since I am easing up on how much running I am doing for what I call THE SUMMER SLOWDOWN (It's just too dang hot in the south for me to be outside doing strenuous exercise) I have upped the strength training. Plus running doesn't do much more than make you faster/have more stamina. No weights, no shape. We girls have to have shape!  

In my dietbet group some of us are doing the 30 day shred.  I have had the dvd for 2+ years but didn't touch it since I took up running and focused on that to keep my back sane and pain free. I wanted a structured home weight training program since gyms germs on everything makes me feel ill.

I would be considered intermediate in my fitness level so my reports by day should be gauged as such. Increasing my strength overall is the goal. Keeping the arms shapely is always nice. No one wants a mushy no shape arm.

Level 1 is done for 10 days , level 2 10 days, and if you can take, level 3 for the final 10 days. Measurements taken. Losses reported at end of the 30 days. I will ease off booze but I can't promise NONE for a month.  I know myself.  

Level 1

day 1 - I couldn't make it to the end without stopping at minute 18 for about 2 mins. I was ready to dive back in and finish after the pause though. I was so proud of how much stonger I am now from running and light weight training the past two years since I first tried it. I couldn't even get to minute 13 let alone back up to finish 2 years ago.  Next day despite an epsom soak I was hurting all over. Glutes and shoulders as well as notable pain in the triceps from all the pushups. I do wall pushups as my modifcation. I hope to do them on the floor by day 20.  People live below me so my jumping jacks go down on the urban rebounder.  It's less challenging but it's also less disturbing. I run quite a bit outside so I figure that offsets it.

day 2.  Dove right into level 1 with all my soreness after a brisk 20 minute walk to thoroughly warm my muscles.  I completed the workout without stopping but I was drenched in sweat.  I stocked up on epsom salt and soaked again tonight. Glutes, shoulders and tris are all still very sore despite soaks and stretching. Jillian doesn't stretch you long enough.  triple it!!!! Slept a long solid 9 hours day 2. My body is in serious repair mode.

day 3.  After 3 days of terrible rain the sun is out so I go do interval running at the park first thing for 40 minutes.  I do the shred workout at 4 pm and feel exhausted all day but still powered through. I increased my water from 80 oz to 100 for this challenge.

day 4.  Soreness is 80% gone. The sun is out again so I go to the park for another interval run, 45 minutes. My stamina is much better than yesterday.  Did the shred at 3 pm and it is becoming less difficult but I am still doing wall pushups.  Let's see how long it takes for me to get to the floor. I did increase handweights for the row because the lower weight wasn't challenging to me at ALL for that move.  

day 5. One of my knees was cranky last night in the wee hours. I don't have cranky knees. Apparently endless squats, lunges and shadowboxing coupled with running will crank out a joint or two. 45 mins walk (I promise I didn't run a second!) this morning and shred immediately after a BCAA shake. No soreness at all today.

day 6.  I woke up very energetic today!  Using the heavier weights for the chest curls and rows is giving me soreness today. I did mostly walk today with just a few single minute jogs here and there as I did ALL the lunges and squats during the shred. Gotta watch those knees!  So much energy I hands and knees washed all my non carpeted floors! 

day 7. I have even more energy today than yesterday!  I did my shred fairly early, 10 am and did interval running around 3. I had too much energy to just walk. Just slight soreness in upper back today from the rows.  Still doing pushups against the wall and they are a struggle even with that modification. Doing the best I can that's all I can do. The rest of the workout is doable for me now without breaks.  A good BCAA protein powder 45 mins before this workout makes an enormous difference in my performance.

day 8.  It started off with a bang. I went for a run at the park around 9 am.   By 1 pm I felt exhausted. Maybe I ate too much fruit (two servings instead of one) and my blood sugar got crazy or maybe my body is screaming it needs a rest day? I ended up taking  a nap by 3:30pm then upon arising immediately craved a long soak in the tub. Shred day 8 will resume tomorrow. My knee felt a little cranky after my run so I needed to rest it anyway. 

day 9. I am not at 100% YET but I did my shred with a modification for knee crank. I did heavy weighted deadlifts instead of the lunges. Also a 25 minute walk. I am tempted to switch up to level 2 tomorrow to get my knee rested more. It's not painful but I don't want to push my luck!  

day 10.  My energy is back! I did a 45 min interval run outside mid morning then shred level 2.  My hamstrings were really sore and still are from the deadlifts yesterday. Knee feels good today and will doing level 2 tomorrow again vs finishing out a full round of 10 days of level 1. I had read some people saying they didn't like level 2 but I really do!  To each his/her own. Level 2 has a move in fact I think will get me off the wall pushups modification and have me doing full on full pushups by the end of this 30 day round.  Waist is down 1". That's the only area I measured for an update. Full body measure update at the end of this round.

day 11,  70 minute walk at the park then shred level 2. It was tough today! I didn't eat enough calories to fuel the walk in the heat and that slows me down for the rest of the day. Energy is good otherwise and no soreness today but I expect it tomorrow in the upper body from level 2 (I used heavier weights).   I feel stronger since starting 11 days ago!

day 12. Ok for real, level 2 is no joke where the upper body work is concerned. Do this and love handles won't stand a chance. This round has me even more excited for the end game result. I have been wearing my incline trainers the past two days to keep stress off my knees. The heat here in the south is horrific lately so my outdoor fitness has been shorter than usual. I did only 30 minutes today and very few jogging intervals with my running despite being in the shade for much of it (and sunbathed another 30 mins).  I've had my shoulders on the heating pad at night to ease some of the tighness from round 2 work. 

day 13.  Level 2 your are killing me and I love it. I didn't make it past minute 18 today.  If I took a break at 15 and had half a banana in my preworkout shake I am confident I would have finished so that's the game plan tomorrow.  25 minutes outdoor walking and another 15 on my step machine later in the day. All that was followed by a long soak in an epsom salt bath. I am feeling pretty certain I will start over again and do 30 days again when this is over. I just love how thoroughly the workouts hit the entire body in very little time!

day 14. My legs have nothing more to give after today's fitness extravaganza coupled with Atlanta humdity and heat.  I got in a good 40 mins of interval running after doing level 2 shred. I made it to minute 19.  That last round of abs near the end of both 1 & 2 seems to be where I start feeling completely spent more often than not. Still dealing with sore shoulders and upper back with level 2 despite magnesium soaks every night. A bath is no match for Jillian Michaels!

day 15.  Life got in the way today and I am not one for excuses but I just didn't get to doing a workout OR a run. A true rest day. Just typing that knowing how avidly I workout daily feels strange but I am human. I was out enjoying the weather but more sitting on my tail and leisurely walking. Back to it again tomorrow. My consolation is only that I felt sore glutes and triceps all day. I did try to do pushups on the floor with knees bent modification and I have made progress.  I couldn't go all the way down but doing them against the wall is no longer a challenge. I will try them again tomorrow after I've properly fed my muscles pre workout and update.

day 16.  Good energy today. In fact when I went out to run at noon I had my speed game on high. I did my miles faster than usual. Historically I have found the day after a full on rest day my runs are significantly faster and I can go longer. I got my shred in around 5 pm. No soreness today but I will feel it tomorrow. Pushups on the floor didn't happen. I did them in two positions, 4 sets total, on the wall again. I suck but the strength is coming. My legs could kick some ass but my arms are lucky to lift 20 lbs without considerable strain let alone lift my body off the floor repeatedly. Soon Stephanie. Soon.

day 17. Level 2 again today. I am dog sitting a bohemoth of 130 lbs and was hoping he's a runner but turns out this breed is meant for scaling mountains vs jogging on sidewalks. Still we got in two sets of 20 minutes. He's so social everytime I tried to get him to jog a human would be in eyeshot and he had to go say hello. So, 23 minuts of Jillian kicking my ass and 40 minutes of rather leisurely walking and I did another 15 minute on my step machine. I know I will need to soak in the tub tonight. I could feel the pain during the workout so tomorrow will be one of those days it's hard to sit down to urinate! I Plan to run in the morning before I go look in on the dog.

day 18. No additional cardio with the shred today. It's just too darn hot out. I did start a 10 day clean eating challenge with some friends even though I had a food writer dinner to attend. One meal in 10 days that isn't clean won't be the end of me but I do like to follow rules when I commit to these things. I needed more sleep. Dang  Game of Thrones finally was too intense.

day 19. I got a 20 minute walk in 2 pm brutal 95 degree heat in addition to level 2 shred. I have great energy today. The shred was over before I knew it. I will do level 1 tomorrow. It's not easier it's just different moves. My shoulders and back need a bit of a break from the level 2 work.  I am still terrified my 3 month shoulder blade pain will come back if I overdo that area.  I checked out NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES two days ago. That looks like it will be the next 30 day mountain I climb.