10 day clean eating challenge-join us!

I've invited my health group to a clean eating challenge for 10 days. While my diet is pretty clean it's not perfect and those imperfections don't make abs. I created a google doc we all can access and it outlines clean eating parameters for people that aren't aware along with asking each challenger to put their challenging food, or in my case: alcohol.  Green block days mean you didn't fall off the wagon at any point. Orange block well, shame on us.  It will be a good visual overview of each of our 10 day challenge.  Progress not perfection I say!

Since my blog is food focused I will list out a lot of what I am having each day to inspire others. If you aren't already doing pactapp or following me on twitter where my photos of the fruit and vegetable commitment populates--do that!  Or you can just come check in on this page. I will post for accountability. 

If you want to join in send me your gmail and you are in!  it's ok if you join in late. I will do another 10 day challenge July 5th. Summer is the ideal time to do this because of the abundance of fresh affordable produce. I have to keep on my 100 oz water daily along with hot lemon water first thing. All that DOES make a difference.

day 1.  I have been so accustomed to keeping my fat grams in check I felt very hungry today. I need more food clearly and adding in larger servings of avocado and cooking in just a bit more coconut oil. I did have a food writer dinner which I knew of going into this so I was off in the evening. I should be able to stay on track the next 9 days though. When I do go out to eat I can pick clean eating friendly spots. Highlight meal of the day: steeped chicken shredded into  a grilled veg salad. I used a recipe from Vegetarian times and carnivored it.

day 2. I kept it together today. Even with my off eating out last night I managed to get rid of over half a pound of water weight. What missing in my diet? some faux sugar and booze.  Today's inspired foods included blueberries and raw walnuts on greek yogurt, ezekiel toast with omega 3 egg and avocado and a healthy dressing version of the sweet kale salad prepackaged in stores. They are full of chemicals that negate the healthy superfoods in your bowl!!!  Poppy dressing makes anything taste good but you can make a clean one at home:

greek yogurt  - don't use nonfat 1/2 c

lemon juice  1 tbsp

cider vinegar  2 tsp

pink salt  1/2 ts

olive oil or coconut oil 2 tsp

small clove fresh garlic minced or 1/2 tsp garlic powder (don't use prechopped garlic)

 poppy seeds  2 tsp

raw honey  2 tsp

seeds of your choice. I have raw sunflower on hand.

I tossed in pulled steeped chicken (if you don't know this way of cooking fat free buttery tender chicken I will post it at some point this week).

cleaneats poppy dressing


day 3. So far so good. I made overnight oats for breakfast, walnuts for texture and fat just before eating it. I dare say I like it better than cooked especially when the weatherman warns to stay indoors from noon til 8 pm due to the heat.  All those carbs first thing got my workout fueld nicely since I had to give up my trusty protein powder shake for the challenge.

Highlight dish today is beet and bean pate. More vegetarian times goodness. Roasted beets, avocado, soaked raw cashews, caramelized red onion and garlic, beans and lots of vinegars. 3 to be exact.

day 4 & 5 . Stayed clean, nothing terribly exciting foodwise but delicious nonetheless. Airfried chicken and cauliflower. Omega eggs on ezekiel toaste buttered with avocado. Raw date coconut roll when I got a sweet craving.  2 lbs down. 

day 6. Tonight was off. I knew it would be. Fried tofu, clean green beans but 2 glasses of rose at dinner and two big scoops of ice cream in a cone after. Back on the horse the next meal tomorrow. Also an extra run in the disgusting heat to atone for my sins.

day 7. One clean carberiffic day. clean boiled potato salad, wasa with homemade lox. ezekiel bread with coconut oil fried egg and avocado. long hot run.