I've been using the Dietella  for about a month now. Once I got it correctly seasoned with a tip I found online touting how vegetable shortening like Crisco works the best, I have been using it daily. In fact I don't even put it away after I wipe it clean!

It has a broad surface so I can sear fish, chicken, steaks and vegetables and the added benefit of cooking on cast iron.  How is this different than any other grill pan? Two reasons off the bat:

1. The side spouts easily tilt to the side so I can get excess fat off that has rendered out from steaks. I've had issues of the edges overflowing from flat grill pans with no place for fat to escape.

2. Two is the ready light when the pan is hot! It takes a few minutes to really get hot as does any cast iron. This pan sits on a cast iron radiating plate so the bottom doesn't become damaged but it still heats up like it were over a direct flame.  Set the plate and grill pan over it and walk away while you prep your fresh ingredients. When the indicator liight turns red you're ready to grill!

Additionally the bottom of the pan is coated in an attractive  food safe enamel, realized by Pramar, to further protect the pan from scratches-and it looks more attractive than bare cast iron!  

It's a nice size that stores flat and doesn't take up as much space as a large pan that takes the space of two burners to heat it.  All in all I'd say this should be a staple in every kitchen big or small!