Degustabox October-pumpkin pie soda, oh my!

Degustabox October-pumpkin pie soda, oh my!

Here's just a few things in the October delivery.  It is a snack-o-riffic month indeed!  

A brand I don't know yet, palo popcorn, caught my eye first. I immediately dived into BACON CHEDDAR popcorn snack bag. What a great flavor it has.  So savory and heavy handed , in the very best way, of cheese and bacon.  The white cheddar has a nice flavor too but not as robust as when bacon enters the picture. It's paleo because it's made with coconut oil and I have trouble getting enough fat into my diet and this is a great healthy way to do it.

Another gem, no pun intended is energems. I am a runner and  these caffeine filled tasty treats are a great pre run fuel. I am super sensitive to caffeine so 1 did my right. The suggested 50 calorie serving is 3 pieces and delivers 133 mg of caffeine. 

Another new and very delightful surprise is the Lovely Candy company. I call them grown up starbursts!  As I unwrapped each of the flavors in the bag, blueberry, cranberry and raspberry, they looked like something you would find in a fancy high end spa.  Bits of the fruit was visible in the not-artificially-colored treats.  I looked at their website and saw yumminess like caramels in the candy lineup.  

As a longtime fan of the WASA brand these thins are such a nice option when I don't want the more substantial flat breads. I served these with some cheeses and wine for guests.

To my delight nuts were in the box again this month and to even further delight me they are spicy and NOT wasabi but more complexy spice-a-licious sriracha!

And yes, that is Jones pumpkin pie soda you see in the photo. Can we ever get enough pumpkin pie spice this time of year?