Degustabox November

Dare I say the November box was a bit of a showstopper when I opened it!  

Chef's cuts jerky is like no other jerky I've had!  Fork tender and ultra flavorful grab and go protein. My first thought was "knife and fork meat".  It tastes like you made it at home. Not that anyone makes it at home but still...

I've had beanitos before but not these flavors. A higher protein (5gr) fiber (5gr) filled crunchy snack, 4 bags of them! NACHO and HINT OF LIME.

Sour gummies from Haribo I am always happy to see (they were in a box a few months back), 

Depending what your preferences are when you sign up you would get either the salted caramel coffee pods from Torani, the company we know for tasty flavor syrups  OR Ponti balsamic glaze reduction.  I used the balsamic reduction to finish some butternut squash soup. What a great thing to have on hand. As much as I cook I have once in my life bothered to make a reduction at home. I don't think of it until after my dish is done and by then it's too late. Plus do any of us really want the smell of boiling vinegar in our kitchen?

Oloves calorie controlled healthy fat snack is new to me. Always happy to see an olive and a super cute portable idea. Nice if you have kids and want to put a pack in their lunch.  Healthy fats = healthy brain!   The whole pack is only 50 calories!

And Degustabox won my heart again with chocolate! Bars with healthy antioxidant fruits from nib mor.  dark cherry and blueberry bars I highly recommend if you're a dark chocolate lover. Double health benefits here! 

Another tasty flavor from Brianna's dressing came in this box, poppy seed dressing.  I used it to make a twist on the usual kale and quinoa salad I make a few times per month.

I make this to taste so there is no measuring. 

  • 1 C. cooked qunoa (I have multi colored on hand)
  • a lemon
  • lacinato kale deveined and thinly sliced into ribbons
  • handful of broccoli slaw
  • Brianna's poppy seed dressing
  • handful of dried cranberries or raisins
  • seasoning to taste
  • toasted nuts of your choice for garnish. I used almonds here but also have used walnuts and pine nuts

Put the warm quiinoa into a mixing bowl and immediately squeeze in the juice of a lemon and 1-2 TBSP of the dressing so it abosorbs while warm.  Toss well and set aside too cool.

 While that is cooling down prep the kale.  Once quinoa is cool add in the vegetables and dried fruit. Toss then taste to correct seasoning-adding more poppy seed dressing to suit your taste. I usually need a tsp of pink salt and fresh black pepper.  Let sit for an hour or longer then top with nuts after you plate it so they stay crunchy.