Simple ultra healthy tomato dressed pasta

Simple ultra healthy tomato dressed pasta

"But Stephanie you hate tomatoes."  That is correct. I do hate them in raw form. Cooked, they are tolerated.  But slow roasted with slices of garlic, roasting that lets out some tomato liquid to create a sauce?  Now that I seem to love. I make this with great regularity.

Italian is my least favored cuisine but this one dish has bewitched me. Because sliced garlic is in the dish when the tomatoes roast the temperate cannot go high. A longish roast is needed to let the tomatoes soften, burst a bit and get some color. Depending on your diet you don't have to use olive oil but a couple of teaspoons per cup of small tomatoes I find makes a big difference. Use more if desired. I've done as much as two tablespoons but anything more will compete with the fresh tomato juice that is released during the cook time. 

  • 1-1 1/2 cups small tomatoes per serving
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil per serving of tomatoes
  • 2 med-large cloves of raw garlic peeled and sliced into 3-4 slices (not too thin) per serving
  • Kosher salt to taste
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Freshly grated parmesan
  • Pasta (spagetti or angel hair is recommended)  I'm not going to tell you 2 oz dry per serving because you know you eat more than that. I am not judging. I generally use just under 3 oz per serving in this tomato:pasta ratio. 

Preheat oven to 350F. Put tomatoes into a shallow baking dish . SIZE MATTERS: the size that will fit all your fruits in a single layer without leaving much space. Pie plate or small baking crock, etc. I like to use glass or ceramic. Drizzle over the olive oil and place slices of garlic evenly throughout the dish.  Place in the heated oven uncovered and let roast for about an hour.  Go do something productive or just sit down and take a load off. You have some time. Set at timer for 45 minutes so you don't get lost in doing yoga, giving the cat a bath, mowing the lawn, taking a nap, editing blog posts, arts & crafts, going for a walk, chopping firewood, filing your taxes etc.

 Check your red gems after 45 minutes to make sure there is some liquid releasing into the pan. If it is not pierce some tomatoes gently so they let their juices go otherwise the garlic will burn.  Do not add water. This dilutes the delicate flavor.

As you see them begin to brown start your pasta water. I have only liked this with spaghetti or angel hair. I like to pull my dish of tomatoes out of the oven just a minute before I drain the pasta. Hold back half a cup of pasta water just in case.  Put the drained pasta back in the warm pot and leave it over low heat. Check for any burned garlic and discard. Tip the dish of roasted tomatoes and all the juices into the warm pasta.  Use a little of the pasta water to "rinse" it and add that to the pot as well.  Finish with basil ribbons. Salt  to taste but keep in mind the parmesan will add some saltiness to your dish.

Now go eat those tomatoes before I do!