Bamboo products are everywhere in and out of your home

Bamboo products are everywhere in and out of your home

You’ve probably noticed bamboo products EVERYWHERE.  This speedy growing grass has become such a popular renewable resource because of how quickly it grows. The record for the fastest growth is 47.6 inches in a 24-hour period!  Bamboo requires no use of pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers in its cultivation.  It gets its water needs from natural rainfall so additional water is not required. The stalks of bamboo are harvested above ground and thus the extensive root system provides continuous growth ready for harvesting again in as little as 3 years!



Let’s look at why and how bamboo works in different areas of your home. You may give this eco-friendly product a second look if you haven’t tried it already.  You don’t have to be a tree hugger to appreciate the everyday benefits of bamboo.

Bamboo in your bedroom


If you have sensitive skin bamboo sheets are a dream come true!  It is non-irritating because bamboo fiber is naturally anti-microbial, mildew and mold resistant which benefits sensitive skin (including allergies and chemical sensitivities) and regular skin types as well.  The woven fibers have a softness compared to silk without being slippery. No more sliding out of bed in the middle of the night. I don’t know if you have the problem but some people do and I’m not naming names.


Bamboo sheets can adapt to your body temperature. No more cold nights in the winter and hot nights in summer or during hot flashes.  This is because bamboo sheets have millions of micro gaps in the fiber making it one the fasting wicking fabrics available.  All those millions of micro gaps make bamboo sheets much more breathable than any fine weave cotton sheet. This means you will stay cooler and more comfortable in the summer and the fabric will warm you faster in the winter.  You don’t have to worry about overheating, because these micro gaps allow more air to flow between the fabric and your skin.  While it is soft as silk, true silk is one of the worst materials for moisture wicking but bamboo sheets are breathable, 10-20x more than other bedsheet materials in fact.  Bamboo sheets also are odor resistant so they require less washing. Hooray! Less laundry. Thank you bamboo! You may be my new best bud.  You can buy a bamboo mattress to put those sheets on too!


You can opt to buy bamboo furniture for your bedroom, living room and patio. Don’t forget bamboo window blinds for any and all of your windows.


Bamboo in your bathroom


Not only sheets can be woven from bamboo but also ultra soft bathroom towels that are 4x more absorbent than cotton towels. They resist shrinking and piling like cotton as well.


Vanity sets are available to hold your  bathroom items like toothbrush holder, soap decks, apothecary containers, soap dispensers, trash cans and more. They light color gives a modern look and the wood feels very smooth to the touch. It’s great if you’re looking to give your bathroom a spa-like decor.


Bamboo in your closet

There is such a thing as clothing made from bamboo. Now that you see how well it works woven into sheets and towels you surely saw this coming.  Bamboo as a garment  textile is breathable, natural and odor resistant so why wouldn’t you want some clothes made from this grass?  In fact, it even had a place at NY Fashion week!  This is serious clothing.


For your feet, bamboo socks are not only soft but don’t hold odors and wick away moisture from your skin.


Other bamboo textiles are fashioned into the same styles you often find in all or mostly cotton blends like yoga pieces, robes, boxer shorts, lounge pants and sleep wear, robes, leggings, sun dresses, wrap dresses, t-shirts, leggings and casual knit tops.  Baby and toddler bamboo clothes are great for sensitive baby skin and feel super soft to the touch.


Bamboo fibers can be woven with other fibers just as cotton is to enhance fit, give more stretch and alter the finish of the final textile. Generally bamboo is treated with natural dyes so it’s less likely to irritate you skin if regular dye is something you’re sensitive too. Read the labels just to be sure.


Bamboo in your kitchen


The kitchen is a great area to replace what you can with bamboo because of its natural ability to resist odors and antimicrobial properties. Instead of paper, try bamboo reusable paper towels that can be washed 100 times and replace dozens of rolls of paper towels. If you keep a few on hand you will never have to buy paper towels again. Well, maybe you need a roll here and there to drain your grease on. Or did you give up fried food altogether?


Bamboo cutting boards are ultra light compared to true wood boards so no matter how large your board is you can easily move it from one area to another with ease.I need two hands to move my very large wood cutting board but just one when I move my bamboo boards.  When it’s made correctly  bamboo products can be stronger than aluminum and more durable than oak!



It’s also formed into eating and cooking utensils, that’s right, forks, spoons, knives, chopsticks, mixing spoons, cooking spatulas, steamers and more can all be found in a washable bamboo reusable material. I have seen bamboo cutting knives available but I can’t speak to how sharp or effective they are but I am curious.


Additionally you can find  bamboo dinner plates, serving trays, large food platters, lightweight salad bowls, rolling pins, pepper mills, bread boxes, salt boxes, dish racks, beautiful baskets and even bamboo napkins are available!


And you can eat it in the form of bamboo shoots, bamboo beer, bamboo wine, bamboo tea and bamboo vinegar.


Bamboo everywhere else

You can also opt to:


Have a bamboo floor

Use bamboo baby diapers

Make a DIY bamboo greenhouse

Adorn your ride: dashboards, steering wheel, interior trim and body parts

Get active with eco sporting goods: bamboo surf and skateboards, golf tees, baseball bats

Protect your cell phone with a bamboo iPhone case